Red Bamboo Inc - Touch suite is not for retailers!

Kailua, Hawaii 0 comments
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This program, although affordable and sleek is not for retailers!It is really a "salon based" program.

The inventory cannot be sorted by vendor, so you have no idea how much product you have on hand by vendor. The IT department tries to help, but obviously this system was designed as a "Banking System" they really only want your credit card business. I do not recommend this program and am planning on switching. If you are a hair salon, this is probably just perfect.

Also working with a FLorida company when you are based in Hawaii is nuts! It's very difficult trying to get answers with such a time difference. One thing that really was poorly thought out is the placement of where you attach a thumb drive ....good luck!

You also cannot hook it up to your lap top or any other computer to share info.Everything has to be printed such as 30 pages of inventory, and 50 pages of monthly sales to take somewhere to review, just not going to happen in a retail store.

Review about: Touch Suite Salon Software.

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